Nobody knows what will happen in any urban emergency. What everyone does know is that something will happen.

Getting ready to survive any emergency is like having a spare tire in your car.
No one expects a flat tire but we carry the spare and the tools regardless, just as you have auto and home insurance. For some reason survival preparedness like a food storage is ignored. Natural disasters happen all over the country but a “spare tire” is not included in the plans.

How do we survive and protect our families, and ourselves knowing that the government is not going to protect us?
That has to be the mindset. You have to prepare.

Preparedness takes effort, time, and knowledge. There are quite a few things to consider, get, and keep to be ready to survive.

A good bushcraft knife is a must-have in any survival situation. And I recommend getting the best you can afford.

This website was created to inform about and choose the right survival knife for you.